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Featuring Sweetheart Jewelry, Expansion Bracelets, 
ID Bracelets, Military Bracelets, Lockets, Pins
and Vintage Jewelry Crafted for or by Soldiers for Loved Ones

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222amqueen.jpg (37197 bytes) Fine old American Queen bracelet by Pitman and Keeler has a wider band and larger heart than many of these bracelets. It has a very fancy engraved centerpiece and also the initials "HEP" engraved within the small heart cartouche. View closer here. Heart is 7/8th inch tall and band is 5/8th inch wide. Very comfy with sturdy links, this bracelet best for a medium or small wrist. View from the back. As usual, the darkness is just the reflection of our camera. Order "SW-222AmQueen," $122.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
223carmendeco.jpg (23021 bytes) Art Deco style is rare in these GF "Carmen" bracelets by the DFB Co. It dates to the 1940's or earlier. The round centerpiece is the size of a USA nickel (21mm) and has a nifty Deco design where you could engrave an initial in the center cartouche. Light wear on a couple of the expansion links does not retract, nothing untoward. View the back. Best for a small to medium wrist. Order "SW-223 CarmenDeco," $95.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
224amqu1907.jpg (24324 bytes) Early gold filled American Queen bracelet has the original patent date of 1907 stamped on the inside of the centerpiece. This bracelet is wider than many with the band being 5/8th inch wide and the centerpiece being just over 7/8th inch in diameter. Another view. Such a pretty early design! View the back. There is light, age appropriate wear but nothing terrible and the bracelet still has it's good strong snap. Best for a small to medium wrist. Order "SW-224AmQu1907," $96.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
225CoStarCross.jpg (34024 bytes) Circa 1950's, this CoStar bracelet is 12K gold filled with a "stainless steel back" which means the inside. Bracelets like these were often given at Easter, Confirmations or other religious and memorial services. The top is a pretty mother of pearl with the applied gold filled cross. Nice tight band  is best for a small to medium wrist. View the back here. Excellent! Order "SW-225CoStarCross," $89.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
217amqheart.jpg (30731 bytes) Very pretty, early 1940's American Queen Nouveau style bracelet will fit a small to medium wrist. Bracelet is perfect except for some scratches and light scrapes on the heart cartouche. Perhaps, someone changed their mind? It could still be engraved by your jeweler and the scratches are not as noticeable as in our photos. Regardless, we would happily wear it just as it is but if you want it perfect, this may not be the bracelet for you. View back. Order "SW-217AmQheart," $88.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
211victoria.jpg (35124 bytes) Romantic sweetheart bracelet features heart engravings and raised flowers and leaves on the decorative heart centerpiece. Gold filled bracelet is marked "Made in the USA" inside the flex band and the style is "Victoria. "Nouveau style band with alternating smooth and decorative links is wide at 5/8 inches and should fit am average wrist of about 6.5 inches. View the back. The heart centerpiece measures just under one inch tall. Sentimental and substantial! Order "SW-211Victoria," $120.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
200aqhearts.jpg (23986 bytes)


American Queen bracelet design by Pitman and Keeler was popular in the 1940's to early 1950's. The heart centerpiece is adorned with twin hearts for his and hers initials and accented with arose gold tinted flower and bird. Dainty heart measures about 3/4 inch tall and the bracelet of alternating smooth and fancy links is 1/2 inch wide. There are a couple of light scratches on the heart that do not detract. If you have the hearts engraved by your jeweler, you will probably not notice this light, normal wear on this pretty 12K gold filled bracelet. View from the back. Best for a small to medium wrist. Order "SW-200AQhearts," $95.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
699amq.jpg (46949 bytes)

699amqopen.jpg (28817 bytes)

Gold filled locket sweetheart bracelet by Pitman and Keeler for the American Queen line still has the original photos from the early 1900's. Engraved on the top with fancy script initials, RMM, it reads WEW or WWE if you wear it the other way! Inside are someone's beloved parents and while we always suggest you place your photos over the old ones if possible, we will be happy to remove old photos is you but ask. Bracelet is marked and signed and should easily fit a 5 inch wrist to a 7.25 inch wrist very comfortably. Centerpiece is about 20mm or 13/16th inch in diameter. Sturdy, great flex and only the lightest wear! Order "SWLK-699AmQ " $130.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
201kappadeltarho.jpg (27738 bytes) Nice old gold filled Fraternity bracelet from Kappa Delta Rho (KDR) is an early piece and dated 1907. KDR was formed in 1905 so this was probably among the first sweetheart jewelry made for the fraternity. Another view. Fraternity insignia/motto on top with genuine mother of pearl. Centerpiece measures 7/8 inch wide and band is about 5/8 inch wide and made and signed by Pitman Keeler. Pretty Nouveau styling and should fit most small to medium wrists. View from the back. Perfect gift for a sweetheart of KDR! Order "SW-201KappaDeltaRho," $105.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
203twinharts1946.jpg (29063 bytes) Adorable gold filled twin hearts bracelet is marked Phoenix and the date, 1946. Especially pretty design on this bracelet! View detail here. Bracelet has never been engraved  but there is one link cover on the inside that is missing. It does not show when worn nor can you feel it. You can view it in the photo of inside the bracelet back center. In fact, it makes an interesting way to see the mechanism of these expansion bracelets. View from the back. Best for a small to medium wrist. Sweet! Order "SW-203twinhearts1946," SOLD.
527bs.jpg (14131 bytes) Classic art deco initial bracelet has the great initials, "B.S." engraved in the small area at the bottom of the heart. Even if these are not your initials, we can think of some other things "BS" might stand for! Bracelet signed "American Queen, Pitman and Keeler," circa 1935 -50. Another view (dark color is camera reflections) Every other link is smooth, the alternating ones have a pretty design. View from the top. Comfy on the smallest wrist all the way up to a size 7. Order "SW-527bs," $90.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
517aristo.jpg (27170 bytes) Expansion bracelet signed by AristoFlex is marked "gold filled top and Stainless steel back." Shadows on face are just camera reflection although, there is one small scratch on the face and a large scratch on the back of the centerpiece. Gold fill is a yellow gold, not a rose gold. View from the top. Nice sturdy bracelet with strong links that is ready to be engraved by your jeweler. Order "SW-517aristo," SOLD.
317sea.jpg (36883 bytes) 12K gold filled 5 link rope twist bracelet with four 10K gold filled charms measures 7 1/8 inches long. Love the torpedo (missile?) charm, a well as the drum major, sail boat and the 1963 inaugural charm which has a compass design on the other side (not shown). This item is from a retired military estate near the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. View closer. Order  "CHSW-317sea," $130.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.  
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511grandma.jpg (27598 bytes) Sweetheart Pins like this one were purchased in sets with matching sweetheart bracelets. This one has the initials  "CW" and is engraved, "Grandma" on the back. Measures just under one inch in diameter and is in excellent condition. Another view. Unmarked but gold filled. If grandmother's initials are "CW," then you must have this darling vintage pin! Order "SW-511grandma," $34.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
  ** Vintage ID Bracelets with Engraved Names
Un-circulated Old Stock, Signed, American Made
601heathercase.jpg (31129 bytes) Engraved ID bracelet engraved "Heather" also has an open heart cut out on the name plate and comes in the original packaging. View name plate closer here. Measures 7 inches long. Name plate is about 1 1/3 inches long. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SW-601HEATHER," $42.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
602lori.jpg (30768 bytes) Nicely sized ID bracelet is engraved "Lori" and also has two etched hearts on the end of the name plate.  View original case with bracelet here. Bracelet measures 7.25 inches long and is a twisted rope chain. Name plate measures about 2 inches long. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960.Order "SW-602LORI," $42.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
603fayecase.jpg (34591 bytes) Vintage uncirculated stock (as are all of these Speidel in the case bracelets), this cute ID bracelet is engraved "Faye" and has a nice cut out heart on the name plate. View bracelet closer. Measures 7 1/8th inches long. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SW-603FAYE," $42.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
605lauriecase.jpg (27244 bytes) If your name is Laurie, this is your bracelet! Never worn, in the original case, the bracelet features a unique link design and design and a narrow and delicate name plate with "Laurie" engraved. Bracelet is for a smaller wrist and measures  6.75 inches long. View bracelet closer. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SW-605Laurie," $42.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
606lindsey.jpg (29113 bytes) Here is a bracelet for "Lindsey" on a twisted rope chain and engraved with double hearts on the nameplate. Measures 7 inches long with the name plate is about 2 inches long. View the bracelet in the case. Often, the boyfriend gave this type bracelet as a gift with his name engraved on the back. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SW-606LINDSEY," $42.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
607megancase.jpg (37222 bytes) Speidel gold electroplate, vintage uncirculated stock bracelet is engraved "Megan" and has a cute heart cut out on the name plate. View closer. The dark swirls are just the reflection on the camera. Measures 7 inches long. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SW-607MEGAN," $42.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
608victoria.jpg (40678 bytes) ID bracelet with beautiful oblong name plate engraved "Victoria," has a large twisted rope chain suitable for adding charms and is 7.5 inches long. View in the presentation case as found. Makes a unique charm bracelet presentation, is sturdy and unique for holding your favorite charms. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SW4-608VICTORIA," $46.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
609isabellacase.jpg (33813 bytes) Elegant and artful, this dainty bracelet is quality made by Speidel and engraved with the beautiful name of "Isabella." View bracelet closer here. Measures 7.25 inches long and she'll want to wear it every day! Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SW-609ISABELLA," $42.00. Order at the bottom of this page, or click here.
  *** Vintage Lockets located here.

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Some have dates and info on maker's marks.
We are unable to provide appraisals of your bracelets
but perhaps, you will find some interesting info below.
221lamodeleaf.jpg (23549 bytes) Pristine LaMode gold filled bracelet appears to have never been worn. Pretty leaf design on the centerpiece is unusual and probably dates to late 1940's. The heart measures about 3/4th inch tall. The band is alternating smooth and patterned links. View the back. This bracelet best for a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist. Order "SW-221LaModeLeaf," SOLD.
220victoriamber.jpg (29392 bytes) From the early to mid 1940's, this beautiful heart bracelet is sterling with a rich gold finish. The stone is glass and a gorgeous honey amber in color. Bracelet is quite wide at almost 5/8th inch in width while the heart centerpiece is just under one inch in height. In excellent condition, this bracelet will fit best on a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist but could stretch larger and still be comfortable. The back is signed "Victoria (style) and "Sterling Silver Base." Order "SW-220Victoria," SOLD.
206carmenmfe.jpg (34223 bytes)

206carmenmfeopen.jpg (19451 bytes)

Genuine antique, gold filled locket bracelet from a fine old estate is inscribed with the initials MEF. The center is a locket that will hold two photos, each about 3/4 inch in diameter. One frame remains inside and the original owner has inscribed the year of the old photos that were inserted in '19 (1919). Any darkness is just camera reflection. Apologies that we took the photo before we polished the back. Great condition in person! Order "SWL-206carmenMFE," SOLD.
691joe.jpg (30966 bytes) You can own this beautiful 70 year old American Queen bracelet. Bernadine was given this bracelet by her boyfriend Joe on her 18th birthday, April 16, 1938. Joe was almost 20 and getting ready to join the Army. Betty wore the bracelet until she was told by Joe's father that her love had been killed in the South Pacific in early 1942. Then, Berna wrapped the bracelet in a silk handkerchief and tucked it away in her cedar chest where it remained until her step-daughter found it a few years ago. She had never heard her mother or her father mention Joe but she knew of an Uncle Joe who went to war and never returned. Could they have been one and the same? Heart top reads,  "Bernadine, from Joe, 4-16-1938." Beautifully engraved and a real piece of history. View the back. Will fit 5.5 to 7 inch wrist. Perfect condition and lovingly kept all these years. Order "SW-691joe " SOLD.
219carmenlockettop.jpg (36293 bytes)
219carmenlockettopen.jpg (34739 bytes)
Carmen sweetheart bracelet has a locket top so you can enclose a photo. Still has the original paper liner and celluloid cover. See inside. Gold fill is in excellent condition with only a few light surfaces scratches on the locket top. Another view. (darkness is camera reflection) The band stretches well and is excellent with the exception of one cover near the locket on the inside of the band. Cannot be see when wearing nor dies it pinch or affect wear. View back here. Fabulous bracelet is best for a small to medium wrist (5-6.5 inches). Initials are lightly engraved and read "M St A." Order "SWLK-219Carmen Locket Top," SOLD.
208sob.jpg (30311 bytes)

208sob2.jpg (39032 bytes)

Yellow gold filled heart bracelet by the SO Bigney Company that was in business from 1896 until about 1946, probably produced this bracelet right before WW2.  It has smooth links and a clean design of twin hearts and a sprig of flowers on the top. The band is lightly relaxed and is missing one inside cover link in the center back. This does not show when worn and does not affect the wearing of this nice little bracelet. You can see the missing inside cover in this photo. Heart centerpiece is about 3/4 inch tall and this bracelet is best for a small to medium wrist. Two links on the left side of the heart are ever so slightly relaxed and this doesn't affect wearing but price reflects. We guarantee you will be pleased. Order "SW-208SOB " SOLD.
689costarnavy.jpg (36572 bytes)
689costarnavyx.jpg (28322 bytes)
689costarnavyclosed.jpg (30979 bytes)
Navy Sweetheart bracelet is in excellent condition as is the original burgundy velvet presentation box. You would never know the velvet box is 65 years old! The only thing we note is a small tear where the bottom tip of the heart has pierced the velvet. Another view of the box and lid with bracelet. The bracelet has a mother of pearl top and a large USN insignia on the centerpiece which is 7/8 inch long. The band is just under 1/2 inch wide and has a little tarnish on the inside of the band  but rather than polish it and maybe affect the velvet box, we have left it as is. Will polish gently upon customer request. Bracelet will fit a small to medium wrist of about 6.75 inches. View with box closed. Order "SW-689costar-navy " SOLD.
679cchild.jpg (21588 bytes) For a very petite lady or a child, this sweet little bracelet will fit up to a 5.5 inch wrist. The band is 5/16th inch wide and looks like interlocking hearts all the way around. The centerpiece is 5/8 inch long and engraved, "CC." It is marked 12K Gold filled Front with a Stainless Steel Back. There is also a maker's mark that we do not recognize. View the back. While a small woman might wear this, we feel it is surely a child's bracelet as shown in this size comparison. Order "SW-679cchild " SOLD.
218pacer.jpg (36463 bytes)

Nice little sweetheart bracelet in dandy condition is best for a 6.25 or smaller wrist. Made in the early 1950's, it has a stainless steel back (inside) and a 10K gold filled top. Every other link has a leaf and flower design. View close-up. Order "SW-218pacer," SOLD.

687costarset.jpg (38196 bytes)

687costarset.2.jpg (38846 bytes)

Marvelous CoStar gold filled over sterling base necklace and sweetheart bracelet set has rich blue glass faceted stones. Bracelet has a band that is 1/16 inch wide and will ft a small to medium wrist of 6.5 inches comfortably. The hearts are each just under 7/8 inch long. Another view. Pendant is suspended from a 16 inch chain that is old but we do not feel it is original to the piece. Set is heavy and well made and we have left the pretty antique patina. View the back. A very special gift! Order "SW-687CoStarSet " SOLD.
104jane1.jpg (18682 bytes)

104janemech.jpg (37528 bytes)
If your name is

10K Gold Filled Speidel hidden photo ID bracelet has a patent number from 1956. Engraved on the face with "Jane", in script, it is accented on the top with a clear stone filled heart and one the sides with clear stone decorations. The top opens to hold a long narrow photos. The original stock photo is still enclosed. Bracelet length can be adjusted by a jeweler but currently should fit most from 6.25 to 7 inch wrists comfortably. View from the top. A very pretty bracelet with a nice vintage patina that is well-made and timeless. View on model's arm. Order "SW4-104Jane, " SOLD.
105gwg.jpg (31678 bytes) Wide sweetheart bracelet with the initials, "GW" will fit a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist comfortably. View the pretty Nouveau styled links. Marked "12K gold filled front and stainless steel back" (inside). Signed as well, but we are not familiar with the maker's mark. This bracelet is 5/8th inch wide and the heart is 7/8 inch, in lovely condition and looks never worn. Order "SW-105GWG " SOLD.
150pacer.jpg (27072 bytes) Especially pretty sweetheart bracelet is 10K gold filled and marked by the "Pacer" company. Centerpiece has pretty engraving and a deep red crystal surrounded by clear stones, all original to this nice old bracelet. View two. For better view of the inside, view three. Will fit small to medium wrists. Order "SW-#150pacer," SOLD.
667lamode.jpg (22955 bytes) Very pretty Lamode bracelet was a war-time gift to Betty from her beau, Mr. Bloomfield, or as she called him affectionately, "Bloomy." Sadly, Bloomy dumped Betty so she scratched his name off the back of the bracelet but continued to wear it because it was so fashionable and pretty. Betty (her initials were BCF) eventually married someone else but she kept Bloomy's gift bracelet hidden in her lingerie drawer for many decades. Her children, now senior citizens, still wonder, who was Bloomy? Best for a 6 to 7 inch wrist. Order "SW49-667LaMode " SOLD.
038amq.jpg (39308 bytes) Fabulous American Queen bracelet by Pitman and Keeler is marked on the band and on the back of the face, plus has the patent number and dated 1907. Band is perfect and has patterned design on every other link.  Face is large at 15/16th inch in diameter and this bracelet should easily fit a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist. Another view here. Initials are CLE with the larger "E" in the middle being commonly displayed as the surname initial. Truly perfect condition! Order "SW-038AmQ" SOLD.
156mlm.jpg (29052 bytes) From the 1950's this 12K yellow gold filled bracelet by Bellavance has a stainless steel back and a rose gold floral accent. The top also has twin hearts with a tiny engraved MLM which could stand for Mark Loves Megan etc., or as an "M" family heirloom. See detail. (darkness is camera reflection) Bracelet will fit up to a 7 inch wrist comfortably. Another view. Order "SW-#156MLM," SOLD.
153bird.jpg (36349 bytes) This sweetheart bracelet features unusual subject matter - a bird flying into flora. Perhaps, meant to be the blue bird of happiness or the desire to fly free? Nice engraving. View detail here.  Bracelet is marked 12K Gold Filled and should fit a medium wrist. Order "SW-#153bird," SOLD.
683stretch.jpg (32423 bytes) Very old, gold filled D F Briggs bracelet marked "Patented" dates to the early 1900's and will fit a larger wrist as the back of the band has relaxed over the years. Still has plenty of snap but really comfy on a 7.5 inch wrist. Not suggested for wrists smaller than 7 inches. The centerpiece is engraved with what we believe are the initials "ES." Etched under the centerpiece where it cannot be see is the tiny word "Tom" or "John." So sentimental. Condition is perfect except for the relaxed links in the back and a small professional solder repair inside the band that cannot be seen when worn. Price reflects but it's a beauty and perfect for a larger wrist! Order "SW-683stretch" SOLD.
624silbros.jpg (25987 bytes) Patriotic, early 1940's Navy pin in a large heart shape like Silson used patented in 1940, marked "D PAT 120626 SILBROS." Gilded and enameled brass heart is large at 1 5/8 long by 1 1/2 inches wide. View from side. Enamel and gold paint in excellent condition. Rare and unusual mark, the patent was awarded to Noel Meadow. View the back.  Endearing gift for a Navy wife or mother. Own a piece of history! Order "SW-624silbros " SOLD.
685amqueen.jpg (20049 bytes) Deco style bracelet from the "American Queen" line of "Pitman and Keeler has etched lines and a Deco shield design for your initial on the front. Comfortable fit on a 5.5 to 7 inch wrist but could extend a little larger. There is a small ding on the front that looks worse in this photo than it does in person. It does not detract from the bracelet. View the back. The band and the gold is in marvelous condition and it looks great on the wrist. Order "SW-685amqueen " SOLD.
034marathon.jpg (20985 bytes) Heart shaped sweetheart bracelet by Marathon, a "quality jewelry company since 1897." This mark was first used in 1922 and through about 1950. The front of the heart is engraved with two small letters, both  "M," in the hearts and decorated with flowers and leaves. Very pretty! Detailed view here.  Gold filled bracelet has alternating patterned and smooth links and should fit a 5 to 6.75 inch wrist nicely, View the back. Marked inside the band and the heart does not open. Order "SW4-034Marathon" SOLD.
661bigney.jpg (26776 bytes) Gold filled sweetheart bracelet with stainless steel back probably dates to post WW2. Bracelet is a larger size so should be comfortable on women with a 6 to 7 inch wrist. Front has flowers, leaves and two hearts for his and hers tiny initials. Another view. Order "SW-661bigney " SOLD.
210lusterntricolor.jpg (33094 bytes)

210lusterntricolorx.jpg (47588 bytes)

210lusterntricolorbk.jpg (32819 bytes)

Tri-color expansion bracelet by Lustern (Louis Stern Co.) features rose gold fill, yellow gold fill and sterling with green glass stone center. View closer here. Mixed metals were popular in the 1940's, too! Click here to view the yellow gold, rose gold and sterling colors as well as the back of the floral petal centerpiece. This bracelet was made during WW2 when sterling was the base metal for bracelets as other metals and alloys were all used for the war effort. Another view. This bracelet will fit a medium to large wrist. Feel free to email your wrist measurement and we will make sure it will fit you before shipping. Center is  over an inch in diameter. Band is over an inch wide. Beautiful! Order "SW-210LusterenTri," SOLD.
659marbro.jpg (31214 bytes) Sweetheart locket bracelet with a pretty shield on the front to have engraved with your initial should fit most wrists to 6.75 inches although it can be worn on a slightly larger wrist if you do not mind it a little snug. Another view. The locket has been soldered or sealed shut and since we often get requests for lockets that the wearer can seal with a personal item inside, we do not open sealed lockets when we buy them. Signed "Marbro, All Precious Metal" (means gold filled on sterling base. Price reflects locket top that does not open. Order "SW-659marbro " SOLD.
158bojar46light.jpg (32611 bytes) From 1946, classic smooth link sweetheart bracelet will fit a 6 to 7 inch wrist and has a raised sterling flower with a topaz colored center stone. Appears to have a sterling base under the gold but the only mark is "Bojar, Aug. 1946." Another view. There is like wear inside but nothing terrible. This pretty bracelet will still bring many compliments. Very pretty! Order "SW-#158Bojar46," SOLD.
159mlcarmen.jpg (30064 bytes) We love these vintage Carmen bracelets with the intricate fitted links and round centerpieces! This bracelet is engraved with "ML" and could also stand for a surname beginning with M or even have another initial added by your jeweler. View closer. Gold Filled bracelet has the traditional markings by the DFB Co., as well as an usual manufacturing mark of "ll*ll." First time we have seen this mark on a Carmen bracelet. Best for a 5.5 to 7.5 inch wrist. Very comfortable on a wide variety of wrist sizes. Order "SW- #159MLcarmen," SOLD.
157carmen.jpg (33471 bytes) Gorgeous Carmen bracelet by the DF Briggs Company,  circa 1930 is engraved with an old English script letter "S" that could stand for your first or last name, the alternating Nouveau link bracelet is extremely comfortable and would be best for a 6 to 7.5 inch wrist. Back of centerpiece is hollow, as originally made. Center is wide at almost one inch in diameter. Order "SW-#157carmen," SOLD. 
604katherine.jpg (34978 bytes) Vintage Speidel bracelets were made to last a lifetime and are heavily electroplated with 10K and 12K gold. This bracelet is 7 inches long and has large curb links suitable for adding charms. The name plate is engraved "Katharine" in large block letters. View bracelet in the case. Comes in original Speidel hard plastic case, circa 1960. Order "SWCH-604Katherine," SOLD.
202lusternlocket.jpg (20727 bytes)

202lusternlocketopen.jpg (33031 bytes)

Gold Filled locket bracelet by Lustern. The Luis Stern Company was in business from 1871 until 1950 and we date this bracelet to the late 1930's - 40's. The band is alternating links and the locket centerpiece is Deco with rays extending from the heart, which is large and measures one inch tall. Inside the locket are the original frames and plastic protectors to hold your cherished photos. Band is 5/8th inch wide and like most of these vintage bracelets, best for a small to medium wrist. Order "SWL-202Lustern" SOLD.
663phoenix43.jpg (25881 bytes) Beautifully styled 1943 mother of pearl heart bracelet will fit a small to medium wrist, Smooth back of heart could be engraved by your jeweler. Signed "Speidel Made, Phoenix, 1943" on three separate links inside. Found with the matching mother of pearl locket which we may still have on our lockets page. Truly a pretty bracelet  and we love the alternating smooth and swirled links! Order "SW- 663phoenix43 " SOLD.
107costar.jpg (21134 bytes) We love this petite sweetheart bracelet which was a gift to a young lady long ago. Notice the little rose gold colored flower on the heart and the pretty design with alternating links of pattern and smooth. The outside of this bracelet is great but there is wear to the inside of the band. This does not show when worn. Best for a young lady with a 4.5 to 5.5 inch wrist. Very small! Order "SW-107Co-Star " SOLD.
032amqueen.jpg (24074 bytes) Charming Nouveau style American Queen bracelet by Pitman and Keeler is a mellow, buttery gold fill over a sterling base. The top has never been engraved and is highly reflective. Apologies for the darkness and reflections. Marked inside the band the bracelet has alternating smooth and swirled patterned links. Will fit a 5 to 7 inch wrist comfortably. Centerpiece is 13/16th inch in diameter. Order "SW-032AmQueen" SOLD. 
030launton.jpg (22009 bytes) Pretty "Lady Launton" style bracelet by "Bigney 46" has a fancy engraved heart front with a small letter monogram "R" in the center. Another view of the heart engraving here. The heart does not open and the links are all smooth. Yellow gold filled. View the back. Best for a 5.75 to 7 inch wrist. Very comfortable and in beautiful condition. Heart is 7/8 inch long. Signed inside the band. Order "SW-030Launton" SOLD. 
671phoenix44.jpg (27821 bytes) Popular Phoenix bracelets made by Speidel were a treasured gift during WW2. These with the mother of pearl tops were very popular. This gold filled bracelet is marked and dated 1944 on the links. View the back which can be engraved by your jeweler. It should fit most small to medium wrists to about 6.75 inches. The centerpiece is 7/8 inch tall and we may have the matching locket in stock . Click here to view the lockets. Order "SW-671phoenix44 " SOLD.
106foster.jpg (27184 bytes) Twin hearts, ready for two initials adorn the top of this 12K gold filled Foster bracelet with a stainless steel back (inside). Will fit a 6 to 7 inch wrist without looking over-extended or being uncomfortable. Another view here. Mellow, pale buttery gold color. Marked and signed by the maker. Heart does not open and is about 7/8 inch tall. Bracelet is 1/2 inch wide. Order "SW-106Foster " SOLD. 
103costar1.jpg (37647 bytes) Another large heart centerpiece and a wider bracelet that will fit an average woman of today, this "Co-Star" gold filled bracelet has a sterling or stainless back. View back here. The heart centerpiece measures just under one inch tall and the bracelet is 5/8th inch wide. Floral designs on top and has never been engraved with an initial or date. Another view here. Order "SW-103CoStar, " SOLD.
712lustern.jpg (37814 bytes)
Rose gold with yellow gold accent sweetheart bracelet by Lustern (the mark of LOUIS STERN CO., Providence, RI -- est. 1871 - 1948) is marked and signed, 12K gold filled. Larger in size than many of these vintage sweetheart bracelets, the center heart is 7/8 inch tall and beautifully engraved with flowers and tendrils. There is no space intended for initials on the front of the heart. Bracelet will comfortably fit a 5.5 to 7 inch wrist. View  the detail on the yellow and rose gold alternating link band. Order "SW4A-712Lustern," SOLD.
523.jpg (26118 bytes) Hearts and flowers in a lovely gold filled La Mode bracelet from the1940's also marked, "Precious Metal" (gold filled). Every other link of the bracelet is embossed with a pretty design and this bracelet is perfect for a 6 to 7 inch wrist. This style doesn't need to be engraved but could hold a single initial or double digit year. View from the top. Order "SW-523," SOLD.
022carlart.jpg (32576 bytes) At last! a vintage sweetheart bracelet that will comfortably fit a 7.5 inch wrist. This gold filled bracelet by Carl Art dates to the 1950's and has never been monogrammed. Pretty floral front has a space for one small letter to be places in the center. Alternating plain and fancy links in mellow gold fill. View the bracelet from the back. Best for a 6.75 to 7.5 inch wrist. Order "SWCH-022CarlArt," SOLD. 
656pitkeel.jpg (22832 bytes) 1930's style Pitman and Keeler sweetheart bracelet has never been engraved on the top or back. Gold plate over sterling and shows not signs of wear, will most comfortably fit a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist even though I can wear it on my 7 inch wrist. View two. Alternating smooth and nouveau style links. View three. Wonderful condition. Order "SW-656pitkeel " SOLD.
450bella.jpg (14246 bytes) Ready to engrave, this never worn gold filled ID bracelet will hold your photo and look retro-stylish! Marked "Bellavanse Gold Filled Top" with a 1950 patent number, it is ready to engrave with a name or initials. View bracelet open with original cello photo shield and template in place. New old stock. View from the top. Pretty GF bracelet will fit medium wrists. Order "SW-450bella," SOLD.
154hearts.jpg (28434 bytes)

154heartopen.jpg (39781 bytes)
Sweetheart locket bracelet will hold two photos and still retains the original paper pins and frames. Marked "12K gold filled with a stainless steel back," we date this bracelet to circa 1950. Best for a small wrist, we suggest this bracelet for a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist for the most comfortable fit. Heart centerpiece is 7/8th inch tall and bracelet width is about 5/8th inc wide. Twin hearts on locket top could each be engraved with a single small initial. A charming way to carry two special photos! Order "SWLK-#154heartsw," SOLD.
673dfb.jpg (18954 bytes) Very old and charming bracelet by the D F Briggs Co of Attleboro, MA probably dates to the early 1900's. The original patent for this bracelet was granted in 1907. The back center is hollow as the filled plate backs came later. The center has an old English letter "C" on it or if you prefer, turn it upside down and it looks like a "D." The best news is that this beauty will fit a modern sized woman with a wrist of up to 7.25 inches. Not recommended for wrists smaller than 6.5. Gold filled finish is beautiful! Order "SW-673dfb " SOLD
151navy.jpg (33900 bytes) WW2 Navy sweetheart bracelet is in wonderful condition and looks hardly worn, perhaps, because the heartless woman to whom this bracelet was given had the name of her sweetie that was engraved on the back of the heart buffed out and removed. She must have felt guilty and put the bracelet away, never to be worn. Best for a small to medium wrist. Another view here of this great gold filled bracelet, made by LaMode almost 70 years ago. Order "SW-#151navy," SOLD.
155costar.jpg (28409 bytes) An especially pretty band design accents this old fashioned circa 1949 bracelet with heart centerpiece of flowers, fronds and swirls. Another view here. Made by "CoStar," bracelet is 10K gold filled with a stainless steel back and appears to have never been worn.  Should fit most wrists up to about 7 inches. Order "SW-#155CoStar," SOLD.
714launton.jpg (33058 bytes) Absolutely pristine, never worn, "Lady Launton, Bigney 46" sweetheart bracelet is mint and will fit an average wrist comfortably. Bracelet has smooth links and the face can be engraved with one small initial or be left as is. Heart does not open and measures 13/16th inch (22mm) tall. Another view. Great gift! Order "SW-714Launton," SOLD.
042phoenix.jpg (37819 bytes) Excellent sweetheart bracelet is made by Speidel Co. of Providence, RI, founded in 1904. This bracelet, circa 1940 was part of their "Phoenix" line. Heavy gold plate, with the only wear to the back edge of the heart, this bracelet is in wonderful condition and should fit a 5 inch to 7 inch wrist with ease and comfort. The heart has a charming design with etched flowers and the initial, "G." Another view here. Signed and marked. Order "SW-042Phoenix," SOLD.
024bojar46.jpg (30168 bytes) We don't think this signed Bojar bracelet  was ever worn. Pristine! Ready to engrave, front or back, this heart bracelet is stamped "Boja, October 1946" on the inside band. Nice gift for the October birthday gal with a small wrist that measures 5.5 to 6.75. Will stretch too fit most but we suggest sizes for maximum comfort. Another view here. This bracelet is a bright, true yellow gold color, obviously gold filled. Order "SW.VAL-024," SOLD.
716carmlok.jpg (26574 bytes)
716carmlokbox.jpg (50663 bytes)
Carmen locket sweetheart bracelet by the D.F. Biggs Company is being sold with the display box from the estate. We think the box is newer than the bracelet but are selling as found. View with locket open. Alternating fancy engraved links with smooth links, this bracelet will hold two photos that are each 3/4 inch in diameter. View from the side. Centerpiece is just under one inch wide. We believe the initials are FCE, (E for the last name) but you decide. Sometimes these fancy letters are hard to decipher. View four. Excellent condition and best for a small to medium wrist (5 to 6.5 inches). Another view. Comes with box as shown (no lid) or we will be happy to gift box instead. Order "SWLKV-716carmlok," SOLD .More lockets here.
700wristside.jpg (16409 bytes)

700wrist.jpg (27162 bytes)

Sometimes sold in sets, expansion bracelets like this one were favored by women who did not want the centerpiece. Nowadays, they make a great bracelet as shown or can be used by your jeweler to repair or replace a stretched out band on another bracelet. This one will fit a 4 to 7 inch wrist comfortably as shown! Hard to date as this style started being advertised in 1902. This gold filled band bracelet is signed by American Queen and has an additional mark we cannot make out. There is light wear commensurate with age but it is not noticeable without magnification. Order "SW-700wrist " SOLD.
076costar2tone.jpg (28975 bytes)

076costar2tone2.jpg (33375 bytes)

Hard to find sterling and gold alternating links bracelet by Co-Star has a large emerald rhinestone in the center of the design. Another view here. Smooth sterling and patterned gold filled vermeil links alternate on the band. The centerpiece is over one inch in diameter and is encircled with a gold filled ring on which sits a sterling eight-petaled floral design with the emerald green center stone. View from the top. Bracelet is marked" Co-Star, Sterling base." Should comfortably fit a 5.25 to 7 inch wrist. Hard to find these mixed metal color beauties! Order "SW9-076CoStar2tone," SOLD.
676phoe4344.jpg (27719 bytes) Very romantic styling on this perfectly wonderful gold filled Phoenix bracelet has twin hearts with the initials D and C engraved on the top and '43 on the back of the heart. Perfect for David and Cathy or Dakota and Caitlin. Lots of names with these initials! Interesting side note: the bracelet is maker marked on three links and one is the date 1944 but it was engraved with 1943's date on the back of the heart.  Perhaps, the soldier had to go overseas and had someone buy the bracelet for his sweetheart after he had reported for duty. Please note how pretty the heart is on this piece. Best for a 5.75 to 6.75 inch wrist. Order "SW-676ph4344 " SOLD.
160crescent.jpg (30154 bytes) A flower and a crescent heart bracelet that is in unworn condition probably dates to circa 1950 due to the gold top and stainless backed links. Easy to read the 12 gold fill mark but the maker's mark is hard to decipher, perhaps "C&B." Traditionally, the crescent was a symbol for the honeymoon so these bracelets were often given as engagement or wedding gifts. Another view of the satin and smooth top and alternating smooth and swirled links. This one will best fit a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist. Order "SW-#160crescent," SOLD.
161bam.jpg (40635 bytes) Engraved with a letter "B" in old English, this American Queen bracelet is gold filled on sterling and dates to the mid-forties, WW2 era. The shield design by Pitman and Keeler was a popular wartime design for sweetheart bracelets. Bracelet band is a half inch wide and would be best for a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist but very comfortable on most sizes. Order "SW-#161bam," SOLD.
102dollymadison.jpg (30602 bytes)

102dollymadisonx.jpg (15580 bytes)

Sturdy, with a wide bracelet and substantial heart center, this Dolly Madison bracelet probably dates to the late 40's or early 1950's. Dolly Madison was a mark from the fine old Marathon Company of Attleboro, Mass. This beauty has that beautiful vintage deep gold filled color of days past and is accented with both rose gold and yellow gold. The center of the heart is engraved with an old English letter "B" but it is rather hard to see in the photos although, quite distinctive in person without the glare of our lighting. View the initial better and note the rose gold accents. Alternating smooth and Nouveau swirled designs on the links. View the back. Best for a 5 to 6.5 inch wrist but will flex a bit larger. Order "SW-102Dolly Madison, " SOLD. 
v4b-swhartb1.jpg (21095 bytes) Very old, gold filled sweetheart bracelet is in excellent, unworn condition! Signed "Victoria," and "Made in USA," it features 2 hearts engraved on the front with an initial W and and initial M. The heart also has lovely floral trim. View from the top here. Best for a small or medium wrist. Order "V4BSW-swhartb2," SOLD.
529child.jpg (26388 bytes) Dainty child's sweetheart bracelet will fit nicely a 4 inch to 5.5 inch wrist. Heart on top is just 1/2 inch long. Bracelet is marked 12K gold filled and Bella Vance Inc. Very old and dear, yet in perfect condition. View size comparison with small adult sweetheart bracelet here. Perfect christening gift or just right any time for your favorite little girl. Order "SW9-529child," SOLD.
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