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406connpen.jpg (16750 bytes) Pewter tone metal pennanular pin with simulated Connemara marble cabochons is worn on an angle as shown in the photo. Measures 2 1/4 inches long and is typical of the faux Connemara pins made by Miracle. This one is unsigned. View the back. Order "SCT-406connpen," $36.00.
miraclepin.jpg (22680 bytes) Sweet little Miracle pin oval is set with faux Connemara and pearls into bronze colored metal. View back. Measures 1.25 inches wide. What a pretty little collar pin! Order "SCT-Miracle-pin" $24.00.
071gfmarble.jpg (29170 bytes) Connemara marble bracelet is gold filled and a souvenir of Ireland. Purchased in the late 60's is it a small size and needs a 6.5 inch or smaller wrist. Another view. Marble rounds are each different and nicely set into little gold filled cups. By adding a longer safety chain and an extra jump ring, this bracelet would fit a medium wrist. Order "SCT-071GFmarble," $44.00.

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celticbadge.jpg (40876 bytes) LARGE Celtic badge type brooch has guilloche enamel over textured brass on bright and lovely colors! Brooch measures 2.25 inches in diameter and is slightly domed. There is one spot at the edge where the blue enamel did not fully meet the rim but this little manufacturing flaw really looks like part of the design. View the back. Even more striking in person than in the photos and extra large, too. Order "SCT-Celtic-badge" SOLD.
luvshrox.jpg (11402 bytes) Declare your loyalty with this clever "I Love Shamrocks" pin! Measures just under 2 inches wide. Order "SCT-luvshrox," $20.00.
327ears.jpg (20015 bytes) Pair of Miracle Connemara marble Celtic earrings are clips and match many of the Miracle designs. Stones are a little rough (one has a small nick) and these have been worn. Still nice for the Miracle collector and priced to sell. Order "SCT-327ears," $15.00.
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317shamrockpins.jpg (33827 bytes) Shamrock pins or perhaps you call them four leaf clovers should always be worn for St. Patrick's Day in March but they do bring you luck all year long. Another view. This pair of vintage guilloche pins have faux pearl centers and safety clasps on the back.  Each measures an inch wide. One to keep - one to share! Order "7A -317 shamrock pins," $35.00 for the PAIR. 
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Mircleb1.jpg (12882 bytes)
RARE Miracle bracelet of large oval agates will fit any size wrist! Each of the six main links, set in it's silver tone finding, measures 1 1/8 inch long. Attached to the end are several silver tone links and a dangling oval that is blue on one side and brown on the other so altogether, there are 6 agates in this bracelet. Over all length is 9 1/4 inches and the bracelet will fit up to a 8 1/3 inch wrist. Nice detail on the metal work but it is hard to see in the photo. Order "SCT-mirabr04," $55.00

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52mizpah.jpg (12449 bytes) Connemara mable cabochon tops a Mizpah kilt pin that is accented with rectangular amethyst glass and pale pink chaton rhinestones. View close up here.  Measures over 3 1/8 inches long, the tip is ever so slightly bent but this does not at all detract when worn. Wonderful color combination! The mark is two hearts side by side with the arrow through them and an "M" at the tail feathers of the arrow. Order "SCT-52mizpah," $36.00.
329pierced.jpg (10223 bytes) We love these pierced Connamarra marble earrings that are marked but unreadable. Either gold filled , rolled gold or better, they have a nice hatched design and are suitable for any age or time of day. Butterfly clasps are marked and we can make out "KAL" but not the gold content. Top of each measures about  3/8th inch. View from the side. Order "SCT-329pierced," SOLD.

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412cairinear.jpg (15334 bytes) These old clip earrings are just the right color to wear with cairngorm jewelry. Each measures about 3/4 inch wide and all the stones are prong set. Front looks dandy but there is wear down to the brass on the back. No one will ever know but our price reflects. View the backs. Nice when worn with #410 above. Order "SCT-412cairinear," $16.00.
Worn on the diagonal, this heavy brooch has 5 very large glass cabochons that are the rich color of root beer. Antique gold tone, this brooch has a hook so that it, too, may be worn as a pendant. Heavy and substantial, another great brooch that could be worn as a sash pin to dress up your costume. Measures 2 1/2 inches on the diagonal as it is meant to be worn. Order "SCT-rootbeer," $45.00.
maltese Maltese Cross Set with brooch and earrings. Antique gold tone with root beer colored glass faceted stones. Pin measures over 2 1/4 inches and clip earrings measure one inch in diameter. Order "SCT-maltese1," $49.00.

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Charming Claddagh ring by Avon features clear heart-shaped rhinestone. View side here. Excellent condition, signed. Size 5, not adjustable. Order "10c-acladdr1," $18.00.
Dainty Claddagh bracelet in gold tone by Avon will fit a smaller wrist of up to 6 1/2 inches. Perfect for the wee Celtic lass in your life! Signed "Avon." Order "SCT-cladabr," $15.00.

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Historical Note...
Before the18th century there was no significance to
the colors or designs of tartan fabric in Scotland and Ireland. The old Brehon laws of Ireland established the number of colors that could be worn in a tartan depending on the class of the wearer; the lowest classes wore designs of only two colors, while the King and highest bards could wear as many as nine. By the Middle ages even this tradition was ignored and all classes wore any designs they fancied and could afford. The Celts fastened their kilts and shawls on
their shoulders with the largest pennanular brooches they could afford. The brooches were made of iron, silver, copper, or gold.
Vintage Mother Of Pearl Pin is quite old. Set in brass which appears to be gold plated. Large, old, oval of mother of pearl, bezel set, surrounded by twisted edging. "C" clasp closure and thick pin back. Nice old piece at a good price. 1 and 1/2 inch long. Order "SCT-MOP," $25.00.

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Stylized Pin, modern but a nice look for a shawl or cloak clasp. Brushed gold tone with a dark blue rhinestone in the center. Measures about 1 3/4 in diameter. Order "SCT-stylized," $20.00
Brass Rose Sash Style Pin, Arts & Craft-like in an uncluttered design. Faux, flat-backed pearl in center. Measures over 2 1/2 inch long. Safety clasp. Order "SCT-rndrose," $30.00.
Brass Leaf Sash Pin would look great on a cloak. Swirled, stamped design on leaves. I like the old patina but the buyer may wish to polish. LARGE! Over 4 inches long! Order "SCT-bigleaf," $30.00

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Vintage "Coro" axe brooch of brass and ornamented with small faux pearls and dark, blood red rhinestones. Nice detail. Measures over 2 1/2 inches long. From the early 1940's, this pin is perfect if you have an axe in your family crest! Order "SCT-coroaxe," $46.00.
Older "Coro" saber pin of stamped brass with clear rhinestone decoration on the hilt. Excellent condition and measures over 3 1/4 inches long. Safety clasp. Order "SCT-coroswd4," $40.00.

Trifari Torch Pin is about 3 1/2 inches long and has rhinestone flames! At least, I think it is a torch. It might be a scepter. Torch or scepter, it looks regal and is of very nice quality. Pave' rhinestones in the flame area and one larger clear rhinestone at the bottom. Signed "Trifari" and dated "1990." Order "SCT-trftorch," $45.00

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Sterling Crown Earrings with gold wash are understated and elegant. Hand etched, not stamped, each measures a tad over an inch wide by almost 3/4 tall. These screw backs are marked "Sterling." Order "SCT-stcrwner," $28.00


The following items are sold and here for reference only...
051pentak.jpg (15736 bytes) Collar or tie accent pennanular pin with tack back measures one inch long and is gilded gold tone. Nice gift for yer favorite laddie or a subtle collar pin for a conservative lassie. Order "SCT-051pentak," SOLD.
238miracledirk.jpg (29976 bytes) Vintage Miracle Griffon dagger or dirk cloak pin is huge at 4 1/8 inches long! Stones resemble carnelian and turquoise but are probably glass replicas. This silver tone pot metal design is a nicely made pin that dates from the 1960's. Signed with the old underlined Miracle mark. View the back.  This dagger is rare and very hard to find. Order "SCT-238 Miracle dirk," SOLD.
realshamrocks.jpg (20253 bytes) Picked up at the Shannon Airport in the early 1970's, this plastic bubble pin has a real sprig of tiny shamrocks inside. Pin measures about 1.25 inches in diameter. Safety clasp pin back and a most typical souvenir of Ireland. Order "SCT-real-shamrocks" SOLD.
326miracle.jpg (44320 bytes)
326miracleside.jpg (34231 bytes)
This Miracle brooch was purchased in Ireland and still retains the original card. Purchased as a souvenir, it has never been worn. Pretty variegated shades of blue on antique silver tone metal duplicates a Celtic knot design. Card is a little worn but it tells the story of Miracle reproduction jewelry on the back (not shown). This pin measures just under 1.5 inches in diameter and is nicely domed. Another view here.  Order "SCT-326miracle," SOLD.
42exqkilt.jpg (12717 bytes) Charming pin by Exquisite has a large amethyst rhinestone, an oval turquoise cabochon and a triangular cut agate pebble of black and gray. Accented with scrolls and designs, this pin is 2 3/8 inches long. View closer here. The pin back has been professionally replaced and it obscures most of the signature plate. Price reflects the pin back replacement but it's really a beautiful, wearable pin that is sure to be a favorite. Order "SCT-42exqkilt," SOLD.
Miracle Brooch Glass Amethyst Miracle Thistle Pin. Signed "Miracle." Wonderful faceted purple stone. Lovely detail. About 1 3/4 X 1 5/8 inches. Order "SCT-mirac05," SOLD
46pipes.jpg (32997 bytes) Very old pot metal bagpipe pin still retains most of it's colorful enamel. Intricate detail and measuring just over 2 inches long, it has an older C clasp. View the back. A wonderful pin for the wife or mother of a bag piper! Order "SCT-46pipes," SOLD.
774plaid.jpg (15290 bytes) A Scottish lass should always wear plaid and this vintage Lucite wrap bracelet is from the Fifties. Slightly flexible by-pass style is best for small to medium wrists. Another view here. Fabric encased in the plastic, it looks like a Stewart plaid to me but let me know if you recognize it as another clan's colors. Order "8A-774plaid," SOLD.
405maltpend.jpg (20833 bytes) Celtic style cross pendant in the style of Miracle jewelry has glass agates and a glass carnelian center cabochon. Pendant measures 1 5/8 inches wide and is attached to the original 24 inch long etched link chain. See full view here. Lovely vintage replica of antique Scottish pebble jewelry! Order "SCT-405maltpend," SOLD.
401penan.jpg (24136 bytes) Lots of detail in a Celtic pennanular pin with multi-color rhinestones is probably contemporary (made within the last 20 years). Measures just under 2 inches at the longest part. One solid piece (the long piece is stationary). Another view here. Nice way to show your heritage on a business suit. Order "SCT-401penan," SOLD.
408miracle.jpg (16134 bytes) Celtic design Miracle pin of brightly colored glass agates measures 3 and 3/8 inches long and will look great on a tartan or a suit. View close up of signature. Order "SCT-408miracle," SOLD.
403pend.jpg (16107 bytes) Typical Miracle pendant is unsigned but I've had this exact pendant before with the Miracle mark. Pendant has simulated agates made of glass and a faux glass Connemara marble center stone. View closer here. Pendant measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter and is set in a pewter like setting. Silver tone etched chain is 23 inches long. Order "SCT-403pend," SOLD.
58miring.jpg (19813 bytes) Miracle rings are hard to find! This one has a striped yellow and golden agate pebble that is designed to look like the top body of a thistle. View from the side. Adjustable band should fit most medium fingers. View adjustable band styling here. There are a couple of tiny flecks inside the stone compliments of Mother Nature. Top measures about 7/8 inch. Unsigned. Order "SCT10-58miring," SOLD.
052gldmir.jpg (20530 bytes) Unusual antique gold tone Miracle brooch with the older underlined signature. Swirled Celtic design wraps around a dark brown to light cream striped agate stone. Pin measures 1 1/2 inches wide and is surely one you won't often see. Order "SCT-052gldmir," SOLD.
634penan.jpg (19441 bytes) Pennanular brooch with three colorful agate stones measures
2 1/8 inches tall. Signed with the older "Miracle" signature. A beauty! Order "SCT-634penan," SOLD.
Agate brooch Wonderful agate brooch signed Miracle with the extended line from the letter *M* underlining the mark. Eight colorful agates and other stones set at angles around a larger oval stone comprised of fiery orange and brown stripes. The center stone has a wonderful opaque quality much like a moonstone. Pin measures about 1 5/8 inches wide. Order "SCT-mirac02," SOLD.
415shamrocks.jpg (12970 bytes) This hand painted glazed ceramic and silver tone bracelet was purchased in Ireland. It was old when it was purchased 30 years ago in an Irish antique shop. The ceramic top is painted with trefoils or shamrocks and it shows some age crazing. Bracelet shank is slightly out of round. View from the side. View how it closes. Best for a 6 to 7 inch wrist. Erin Go Braugh! Order "SCT-415shamrocks," SOLD.
410miracle.jpg (31352 bytes) Signed "Miracle" pin with burrrr'nt orange, chaton stones and real marcasites. Looks like real cairngorms but are faceted glass. 1 3/4 X 1 3/4 inches. Order "SCT-410miracle," SOLD.
red Wee Red Dome Pin in antique gold tone setting. Diminutive pin looks very old fashioned. One inch in diameter and nicely domed with a very pretty setting for the five, deep red, glass stones! Order "SCT-weedome," SOLD
325trinity.jpg (20509 bytes)

325trinityback.jpg (19367 bytes)
Genuine Connemara marble shamrock symbolizes the Trinity as taught by St. Patrick. This vintage sterling pin with hand carved Connemara marble shows the usual striations and various shades of green common in this marble native to the Emerald Isle. Irish sterling marks appear to be the Dublin assay mark from 1966 but you decide. Gaelic writing on the back, too. View the back. Measures 1.25 inches wide and grand memento for a strappin' lad or a pretty lass. Order "SCT-325trinity," SOLD.
48carinears.jpg (18529 bytes) Very hard to find faux Cairngorm earrings are clips and signed " Miracle." Done in the lattice and rose design, each measures just under 3/4 inch wide and has a nice high profile. View from the side. The clip design on these Miracle earrings0 is extremely comfortable! These are probably 50 years old but look to be antiques! Order "SCT-48carinears," SOLD.
330cross.jpg (22400 bytes) Large Celtic cross measures 1.75 inches long and weighs 7 grams of sterling silver on our postal scale. Marked JMCO with Irish sterling marks, this is a beautiful cross for a man or a woman. View the back. Ready to hang from your chain. Order "SCT-330cross," SOLD.
328concirc.jpg (30209 bytes) Extra nice, sterling Connamara circle pin is accented with 12 genuine marcasite stones as well as the nice green Irish native marble cabochons. Sterling marks on the back are hard to read so you decide the year this was made. Pin is 1 1/8th inches in diameter. Purchased in Ireland. Order "SCT-328concirc," SOLD.
44celtknot.jpg (21408 bytes) Celtic knots, a thistle and green agates combine to announce your heritage in this signed "Miracle" pin with the older signature. Silver metal looks like antique pewter and the pin measures 1 5/8 inches in diameter. A personal favorite of mine! Order "SCT-44celtknot," SOLD.
376hornthistle.jpg (17600 bytes) Scottish thistle pin carved of stag horn has embedded brass pin back. Measures about 1 3/4 inches. Nice workmanship and a great way to proclaim your Scottish heritage. Order "SCT-376hornthistle," SOLD.
50connamera.jpg (25881 bytes) Heart and crown Pair of Pins by Miracle have green oval stones that are probably real Connemara marble from Ireland. Each measures 1 1/4 inches long and has great detail in the metal work. The one shown upper right has the stone set in slightly off center. View the back here. Keep one and give one to a friend! Order "SCT-50connemara," SOLD.
050penan.jpg (21279 bytes) Unsigned pennanular brooch is obviously a Miracle brooch but this one didn't get signed, Also, the bottom point is bent under the tip of the pin. Still perfectly wearable and pretty agate stones of green, turquoise and purple. Measures 1 5/8 inches long. Order "SCT-050penan," SOLD.
Miracle Unusual Miracle brooch done in shades of amber and topaz set into antique gold tone makes a striking color combination! Large glass faceted center stone with cut agate wedges of beige and smooth cabochons mottled with shades of rust and gold. So pretty! Brooch is signed "Miracle" with the line extending from the "M" under the length of the signature and measures 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Order "SCT-miracle5," SOLD.
Scottish Grouse Kilt Pin of real grouse foot and amethyst colored, oval rhinestone with stag head setting. Finish is shiny silver tone metal. Elongated "C" clasp is slightly curved. Measures 2 1/2 inches long. Verrrr'a Scottish! Order "SCT-grouse2," SOLD.
mir137a.jpg (77613 bytes) Large and quite old Miracle brooch was purchased in an antique store in Ireland. Heavy and nicely engraved, 4 large flat prongs hold a massive faceted cut glass stone made to resemble a Cairingorm. There is slight scuffing to the backing which does not detract when worn. View back here. Brooch measures over 2 inches in diameter and is signed with the old underlined block Miracle mark. Order "SCT-mir137a," SOLD.
332celtcross.jpg (16902 bytes) Medium sized Celtic cross pendant is 1 3/8th inches tall and has Irish assay marks but we can't make them out. Guaranteed sterling and a true souvenir of Ireland. Weighs about 3 grams. Order "SCT-332celtcross," SOLD.


331bluen.jpg (12472 bytes) Small Celtic cross with blue enamel trim is made by JMCO and has sterling assay marks from Shannon or Dublin. Measures one inch long not including ring or bale so nice for your neck chain or sterling charm bracelet. View the back. Sweet souvenir marked Made in Ireland. Order "SCT-331bluen," SOLD.
Cairingorm style brooch with thistle motif is marked "Mizpah" with two hearts and an arrow. Brooch appears rhodium plated and I believe the stone to be glass rather than quartz. Measures 1 7/8 inches in diameter and the stone rises up about 1/2 inch. Safety clasp. Order "SCT-mizpah," SOLD.
Rhodium plated Scottish Pin. Lacy filigree with a large purple stone. Not sure if the amethyst is real or faux so we are selling it as faux. Signed "Scotland" and "DB" on the back. Safety clasp. Worn on the diagonal but measures 1 and 3/4 inches square. Order "SCT-sigscott," SOLD.
mizpah36.jpg (66298 bytes) Mizpah stag brooch is accented with a blue aurora rhinestone. A Biblical reference, "Mizpah," sent the message: "The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another." The mark on the back reads "Mizpah" and has 2 hearts with an arrow through them. This silver tone pin  is decorated with acorns, the symbol of strength, and has a safety clasp. It measures 1 3/8 inches in diameter. Order "SCT-mizpah36," SOLD.
Clan MacIntyre badge (brooch) from Glasgow, Scotland, in heavy silver tone has a sword buried to the hilt and the motto, "Per Ardua," inscribed. Measures 1 3/4 inches long. Made by "Clarrick." Back of pin is also signed "MacIntye." On original blue velveteen card. Click here for second view. Order "MacIntyre," SOLD.
60grnmiring.jpg (21871 bytes) Open work thistle and leaf unsigned Miracle ring   has a two tone green agate pebble stone. Note that the stone strip is not set exactly vertical on the ring. This is the way it was made and I have left it in it's original condition. If you are compulsive (like me) you may wish to have the stone turned just a bit. View it from the side here. Adjustable band styling should fit most medium sizes. Some wear to side of band as seen in first photo and price reflects. Order "SCT10-60grnmir," SOLD.

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