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604leggy.jpg (14830 bytes) Large and leggy ladybug pin in silver tone has glitzy rhinestone back and accents with large green eyes. Body is an opaque plastic jelly belly type of stone. View the rhinestone stripe from the back. Over all length is 1 5/8 inches long and about 3/4 inch in depth This pin is sure to please! Order "LB-604," SOLD.
403tendrils.jpg (36303 bytes) Lovely blooming garden with ladybugs and a butterfly to wear around your neck. Matte gold tone tendrils with enameled leaves, flower and bud are accented with pastel rhinestones. Another view here. Comes with matching clip earrings with comfort pads. Centerpiece matches floral earrings. View closer. Bib is jointed and has 6 sections for comfort and ease in wearing. Overall length of bib when worn is about 6 inches. Distance from center flower to longest tendril is about 3 1/2 inches. Another closer view.  Gorgeous! Order "LB3-403tendrils," Sorry, Out of Stock.
716sbr.jpg (23474 bytes) A fun and fashionable ladybug bracelet in silver tone with cheerful red and black ladybug charms. One size only - fits a 7 inch wrist but could be worn on a slightly larger wrist. For a smaller wrist, you would have to shorten the stretch cord inside and remove some beads. We leave that to the new owner. View closer detail here. Order bracelet "LB-716sbr," DISCONTINUED. **
778huge.jpg (32454 bytes) HUGE and showy ladybug brooch is beautifully made and very heavy. Measures over 2 1/4 inches long and 2 3/8 inches wide! Lots of large clear rhinestones, green rhinestone eyes and rich red enamel make this one a real eye catcher. See another view here. Wear this contemporary piece when you want to be noticed! Heavy and may be worn on a coat, hat or purse.  Order "LB-778huge," $35.95.
716sbr.jpg (23474 bytes) A fun and fashionable ladybug bracelet in silver tone with cheerful red and black ladybug charms. One size only - fits a 7 inch wrist but could be worn on a slightly larger wrist. For a smaller wrist, you would have to shorten the stretch cord inside and remove some beads. We leave that to the new owner. View closer detail here. Order bracelet "LB-716sbr," $10.95 - SORRY DISCONTINUED.
525key.jpg (15076 bytes) Find those keys easily when they are on this bright, cheerful hand beaded ladybug key chain. Beaded ladybug is ornamental only (does not open) and measures about 2 inches in diameter. Another view here. Each is hand made and may vary slightly. Fully beaded on both sides. Order "LB-525key," Out of Stock.
002acces.jpg (34115 bytes) Our hand beaded accessories include 
Change Purses and Key Chains
Click photo at left for size comparison
777lot.jpg (36038 bytes) Our Ladybug 4 Piece Gift Lot includes:
A rhinestone ladybug toe ring #500, #811 stretch ankle bracelet, stretchie ladybug bracelet #716 and one pair of pierced dangle earrings, #103S -- a $38.80 Value for just $29.95 including FREE SHIPPING within the USA! You may read the individual item descriptions** below and of course, you may order individually as always but save big when you buy the lot! Items come on cards and cello packages, all brand new and ready to make one or more ladybug lovers happy. Metals are all silver tone and earrings are pierced. Earrings come in red, maroon, or  black and there is no color choice on the earrings. Let us select for you! No substitutions, please. 4 Piece Gift Lot, "LB-777Lot," $SORRY DISCONTINUED. (Details of each item included in gift lot shown in detail in gray below)
725beady.jpg (42396 bytes) Cutest ever ladybug bracelet with pastel and red colored beads, silver tone beads and ball and ladybug dangles. Perfect fit for a 7 inch wrist but will accommodate a slightly larger wrist due to stretch cord inside. View closer detail. Order bracelet "LB-725beady," Discontinued. BEADS Available for your own designs only.
049lbsuite.jpg (31598 bytes) 049lbsuitex.jpg (32628 bytes)Adorable glass beaded ladybug suite includes 30 inch necklace with clasp, stretchie bracelet and earrings for pierced ears. All are hand made by a talented Central Florida artist and are comprised of glass Czech ladybug beads in two sizes, plus red and black glass spacer beads. View close-up of beads here. Versatile set that all ladybug collectors will love!  Another view here. "LB-049lbsuite," Sorry, Sold Out.
637slider.jpg (39623 bytes) Nice ladybug slide bracelet of colorful enamel ladybugs including red, blue, green and yellow.  Bracelet measures 7 3/16th inches long and is about 9/16th inch wide. Ladybugs slide freely on double chains. Darkness on the back is just the reflection of my black camera. Order bracelet "LB-637slider," SOLD.
500rstoe.jpg (10920 bytes) Adorable rhinestone ladybug toe ring has green rhinestone eyes and red and black rhinestones on the body. Ladybug measures 3/8 inch long and is set on a stretchie clear nylon band. Looks like it has just landed upon your toe! Closer view here. Perfect to wear with sandals. Another view here. Order "LB-500rstoe," SOLD OUT.
346leafbr.jpg (31997 bytes) What a clever and unique bracelet! Each silver tone plaque is decorated with an enamel leaf with a tiny ladybug upon the leaf and a second larger ladybug on the other end of the plaque. View two. Each section is then separated with 4 light and dark green beads and a dangling ladybug charm. Just to cute! View three. Best fit for a medium to large wrist of 6 3/4 to 8 inches. About 9/16th inch wide. Order bracelet "LB-346,leafbr" SORRY, SOLD OUT.
801branch.jpg (35456 bytes) Clusters of colorful enamel ladybugs are scattered amid the glittering branches of this gold tone brooch accented with green enamel  leaves and clear rhinestone "flowers." A must for the ladybug collector, this boutique pin by "Janku," measures 3 and 3/8 inches tall and 2 7/8 inches wide. Large and showy!   Order "LB-801branch," SOLD OUT *** 
365trio.jpg (17353 bytes) Colorful trio of three different ladybugs in one pin. The top two are stationary with the bottom glittering bug swings freely! View the back. Brand new, good sized contemporary pin measures about 1 3/4 inches wide. If you have ever seen ladybugs cluster together in the springtime, you will enjoy this pin! Order "LB-365trio," $29.95 - Out of Stock.
413trio.jpg (37183 bytes) Three little red and black ladybugs with green rhinestone eyes are scatter pins from the Fifties. The style was to wear these sets of little pins "scattered" on your sweater set. They were purchased on cards in a group. These three are in very nice condition. Order "LB-413trio," SOLD.
144trifari.jpg (16646 bytes) Large Trifari ladybug of rich red and black enamel on gold tone measures 2 inches long. Has pretty red glass cabochon eyes. Signed "Trifari, TM. Lighter swirls n red enamel are just light reflections. Perfect! " Order "GBLB7-144Trifari," SOLD.
854-trifari.jpg (22973 bytes) Large enamel leaf with cute ladybug is by Trifari and dates to the 1960's. Leaf measures over 3 inches long with gold tone stem. Ladybug is realistically sized. There is one tiny place where the gold tone shows through the enamel and that is about 3:00 on the right side. Doesn't detract at all, just looks like a speck of dust. Another view here. Well made pin with the quality you expect from vintage Trifari! Order "LB-854Trifari," SOLD.
414expbr.jpg (32486 bytes) Our bright and cheerful ladybug bracelet with its various red an black bugs should fit most wrists. There are four different ladybugs and one has a baby ladybug riding piggy back! Slide style bracelet is strung on clear, strong stretch cord. Best for a 7 inch or smaller wrist. View closer. Silver tone and of good weight. Adorable and very pretty on your wrist! Order "LB-414expbr," SOLD OUT. 

777caches.jpg (20324 bytes)

Headquarters for the cutest ladybug pill boxes and cache boxes on the web! The pillbox (#01) is about the size of a walnut and perfect for your purse.  Works great on your desk or bedside table to hold your rings at night or other small treasures. Perfect to hold a pair of our ladybug earrings, too! 
lrgbox893.jpg (11475 bytes) The cutest pill box ever! Heavy, enameled ladybug opens to hold your pills, aspirin or even a ring or small pin. About the size of a walnut, it measures 1 3/8 inches long by 1 1/8 inches wide by one inch deep. Nicely made contemporary piece. Available in gold tone as pictured. Order "LB-01-pillbox," Sorry, Sold Out
680scarf.jpg (43575 bytes) "Lucky ladybug" scarf in palest ice blue satin strip poly fabric with red and black ladybugs alternating with green four leaf clovers. Same size as above. Order Palest Blue "LB-680scarf," Sorry, out of stock. 
754blue.jpg (19835 bytes) Contemporary ladybug has a modern look with pale blue metal findings and a synthetic cat's eye stone that reflects the light nicely. Accented with blue rhinestones on the wings, this is one glittering little ladybug! Measures about one inch long. Order "LB-754blue," Sorry, Sold Out.
635kjlsun.jpg (13498 bytes)
635kjlsunfrt.jpg (15014 bytes)
635kjlsunfull.jpg (12434 bytes)
635kjlsunsd.jpg (9018 bytes)
Brand new KENNETH JAY LANE Sunglasses, Model 105, in Black, with a Ladybug on the left temple.

 Lenses are solid gray (the lenses may look greenish in the photos but are in person, gray) with 100% UV protection. The eye size is 51-19 (5 1/4 inches across) with 140MM temples. They fit an average woman's head and they are very comfortable. 

We have taken lots of views of this brand new pair of glasses purchased directly from the Optician. Full view here. View from the side showing fashionable look and the very nice KJL ladybug. View from the front. Inside of ear piece with sizing info here. KJL Signature on the interior of other ear piece shown here. Retail in the Optical Shop was $149.00. These glasses have never been worn and have the original card with size, etc. Order "LB-KJL635sun," $74.95 - Out of Stock. 

252ladynk.jpg (16688 bytes) Ladybug necklace and earring set features enameled leaves and flowers with dangling red ladybugs. View two. Set in silver tone, the necklace adjusts up to 19 inches long. Pierced earrings dangle one inch. View three. Brand new stock, this set is contemporary. View four. Any dark metal is just reflection of my camera as the necklace is bright and shiny silver tone. Order "LB-252ladynk," SORRY, SOLD OUT.
340parure.jpg (23561 bytes)
340parurex.jpg (58506 bytes)
Suite of ladybugs includes necklace, bracelet and pierced earrings. Necklace is 16 3/4 inches long and bracelet is 7 1/4 inches long. Earrings are for pierced ears and measure just under 3/4 inch long. (earrings are photographed on little pads that are not included) View closer. Very well made set with sparkling clear rhinestone cluster flowers and multi-colored enamel ladybugs in red, turquoise, yellow and navy. Another closer detailed view. Gold tone findings. This quality set will be enjoyed for years and years. Order "LB-340parure," $89.95 for the set. Sorry, SOLD OUT
10K-anklet.jpg (38574 bytes)


Brand new, in original box with original price tag of $50 from Kohl's, this darling ladybug anklet is 10K solid gold and will fit an 8 to 9 inch ankle. See full view. From the karat gold, diamond cut twist chain dangles a darling enamel on karat gold ladybug that is just less than 1/4 inch long. View detail closer here. Clasp into first ring for 8 inch ankle or second ring for 9 inch ankle size. View box closer. Until we took this item out of the box to photograph it, it had never been opened. Adorable! Order "LB-10Kanklet," SOLD. 

048grn.jpg (20912 bytes)

Softly marbled pale green enamel is accented with jonquil (pale yellow) rhinestones on the back and as eyes. Signed ladybug pin is marked, "TS," and measures 1 3/8 inches by 1 1/4 inches wide. Contemporary, never worn, nicely made pin. Order "LB-048grn," SOLD.
417ladybeetle.jpg (22045 bytes) Cute, hand painted enamel pin with red and pink rhinestones looks like a ladybug but maybe a beetle. We just aren't sure but we do know that it is very cute and brand new. Measures 1 1/4 inches long. Order "GBLB-417-ladybeetle," SOLD OUT.
803biggie.jpg (21829 bytes) Large ladybug pin of red and black enamel is accented with gold wash and large clear rhinestone eyes. Measures 1 5/8 inches long and really cute as a bug... err... ladybug!  Order "LB-803biggie," $20.95 - SOLD OUT.
rslbug476.jpg (28417 bytes) Sparkling rhinestone ladybug pin in antique gold tone has textured wings set with multi-colored rhinestones and a red body just covered with rhinestones. Measures about 1 1/4 inches long Contemporary pin is signed, "AS ." Just the cutest pin you could hope to find! Order "LB-rslbu476," SOLD.
368blk.jpg (10407 bytes) Chic black petite ladybug pin is 3/4 inch long and has a tack back. Contemporary and brand new, never worn. Order "LB-386blk," Sorry, SOLD OUT. 
330cera.jpg (41498 bytes) Vintage ceramic, hand-painted ladybug pendant from the Sixties still has it's original tag. Never worn, the chain is 24 inches long and the cute ceramic ladybug is 1 5/8 inches long. View the back. Matte gold tone finish and nicely made. View profile from the side. Order "LB-330Cera," SOLD.
568brwlb.jpg (12627 bytes) I can't tell you how cute this bracelet is on my wrist! Large enamel red and black ladybugs alternate with green glass bead chips and silver tone spheres. Set on sturdy stretch line, this bracelet is about 5/8 inch wide and should comfortably fit an average wrist. Another view here. Absolutely adorable! Order "LB-568brwlb," SOLD OUT.
775bugeye.jpg (13392 bytes) This happy ladybug makes me smile when I see the look on his face! The body is bright red rhinestones dotted with tiny black rhinestones. View from the top. Measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Just adorable! Order "LB-775bugeye," SOLD OUT.
407dr2.jpg (36877 bytes) Elegant pin of ladybug dressed for a night on the town in black enamel with assorted multi-colored rhinestone accents. Another view here. Gold tone, measures 1 3/8 inches long. Dressy! Order "LB-407dr," SOLD OUT..

048pink.jpg (18333 bytes)

Sweet ladybug pin is in the pink! Marbled soft pink enamel is accented with pretty pink rhinestones on the back and has pink sparkling eyes as well. Signed pin is marked, "TS," and measures 1 3/8 inches by 1 1/4 inches wide. Contemporary, never worn. Order "LB-048pink," PINK SOLD OUT.

048blue.jpg (15220 bytes)

Feeling blue? This darling ladybug knows how you feel and will cheer you! Marbled soft blue enamel is accented with powder blue rhinestones on the back and as eyes. Signed pin is marked, "TS," and measures 1 3/8 inches by 1 1/4 inches wide. Contemporary, never worn. Order "LB-048blue," SOLD OUT.
242trifsilver.jpg (15633 bytes) Large vintage Trifari ladybug pin measures about 2 inches long from antennae to foot. Enamel is in excellent condition and this beauty has red cabochon eyes. Set in silver tone metal and signed "Trifari," of course. Big beautiful bug! Order "LB-242trifsilver," SOLD.
333costume.jpg (39983 bytes) Cute ladybug "costume" for children or adults has wings and ladybug wand. Wings are 15 inches long and wand is about 17 inches long. Adjust the length of the elastic to fit small or large ladybug wannabees. Made in China, not a toy for young children. Nice for Halloween, garden parties, birthday parties or playing dress-up. Order "LB-#333costume." $12.95. Sorry, SOLD OUT.
676br.jpg (18906 bytes) Silver tone bangle style charm bracelet arrives loaded with cute enamel ladybug charms with silver tone beads and spacers but the best thing about this bracelet is that you can add your own charms or beads and re-arrange them as you wish! One end sphere unscrews so you can adjust or add charms or beads. Best for a medium size wrist. You could even take off a ladybug charm and wear it on your silver neck chain. What fun! Order bracelet "LB-676br," Sorry, SOLD OUT.
610lgbugs.jpg (24438 bytes) Large ladybug bracelet features fat and sassy ladybugs with rhinestone floral accents on gold tone. Another view here.  Plump ladybugs each measure about 5/8 inch wide. Groups of clear rhinestones form alternating  flower-like clusters and all are connected with curved and gold washed links. Longer length bracelet measures just over 7 3/4 inches long. This is the same bracelet as above (#470) except this bracelet has larger ladybugs and is a longer length. Perfect if you have a larger wrist. Order "LB-610LGbugs," SOLD OUT
242manybr.jpg (54059 bytes) Many colored ladybugs dangle from smaller all red ladybugs on this bracelet that is made for a medium to large wrist. We suggest best fit for a 6.5 to 7.5 inch wrist. Good weight and substantial. Another view with the back. Order bracelet "LB-242manybr," SOLD OUT.
006.jpg (11179 bytes) You'll never want to take off these sterling ladybug posts earrings. Lots of detail and sure to become a favorite. Each ladybug measures just 3/8 inch long. Posts have butterfly clasps. View the side and posts here. Brand new, contemporary and never worn. Marked "925" for Sterling. Order "LB-006," $14.95 Sorry, SOLD OUT.
059nksetx.jpg (18619 bytes) Fun for casual wear this summer, cute ladybug necklace and pierced earring set will be something you wear every day! Necklace measures from 14 inches to 16 1/4 inches with extension. Ladybug neck charm is about 5/8 inch including bale. Post earrings have plastic clinches and the ladybugs each are about 1/4 inch in diameter. Full view here. Fun  set is strung on stretch line with silver tone, red and navy bugle beads. "LB-059nkset," Not Available.
772chnl.jpg (19411 bytes) Channel set ared rhinestones are accented with clear rhinestones making this beauty a very well-dressed ladybug! This elegant lady has green rhinestone eyes and measures one inch long. Perfect for those really dressy occasions. Amethyst only, red is sold out. Order "LB-772red," SOLD OUT.
022pink.jpg (20567 bytes) Pink ladybug tack pin has emerald green rhinestone eyes and clear rhinestone spots on her pink enamel wings. The body is covered with clear rhinestones. Tack pin back and a nicely made heavy pin that measures 7/8 inch long. Order "LB-022pink," (Sorry, Sold out)
022blue.jpg (17462 bytes) Blue ladybug tack pin has emerald green rhinestone eyes and clear rhinestone spots on her blue enamel wings. The body is covered with clear rhinestones. Tack pin back and a nicely made heavy pin that measures 7/8 inch long. Order "LB-022blue,"  (Sorry, Sold out)
022green.jpg (13452 bytes) Jaunty green ladybug tack pin has emerald green rhinestone eyes and clear rhinestone spots on her pink enamel wings. The body is covered with clear rhinestones. Tack pin back and a nicely made heavy pin that measures 7/8 inch long. Order "LB-022green,"  (Sorry, Sold out)
368pink.jpg (18528 bytes) This darling pink ladybug makes me giggle! She's 3/4 inch long and has a tack back. Contemporary and brand new, never worn. Sure to please the lady who loves pink and ladybugs! Order "LB-368pink," Sorry, no more pink.
758pchan.jpg (21113 bytes) Contemporary rhinestone ladybug pin has amethyst rhinestone wings and clear rhinestone body with sparkling emerald green eyes. This dressy ladybug measures one inch long and is adorable!  View from the side here. Order "LB-772P758," Sorry, Out of Stock.
521brac.jpg (23374 bytes) Fun ladybug bracelet of silver tone beads, black and red Lucite crystals and six red and black ladybug charms will fit most wrists from 6 1.2 to 7 1/2 inches. Ladybug charms are about 5/8 inches long. Bracelet stretches for easy on and off. Order "LB-521brac," SOLD OUT.
809glanklet.jpg (20027 bytes) Glass bead ankle bracelet is accented with silver tone rose beads and has a nice dangling red and black ladybug. Measures 8 1/2 to 11 inches long so should most ankles.  View the anklet on a model here. Nice quality and a great way to accent your tan this summer. Order "LB-809glanklet," $14.95. SORRY, SOLD OUT
416pierced.jpg (12152 bytes) Pretty gold tone pierced earrings have red enamel and dainty little spots of black. Nicely sized ladybug earrings measure 9/16th inch long, just over 1/2 inch so not too small nor too large. Perfection! Order "LB-416pierced," Sorry, sold out! 
608pierced.jpg (7273 bytes) Darling ladybug earrings with tiny black pinpoint spots are for pierced ears and measure about 7/16 inc long. View from the side and back. These earrings go nicely with bracelet numbers #610 and #470 above. Nice quality and detail. Order "LB-608pierced," Sorry, OUT OF STOCK. 
614clips.jpg (16934 bytes) Silver tone with bright red and black enamel clip earrings are the perfect size, not too large nor too small. Each measures 3/4 inch long and has large enamel spots and clear rhinestone eyes. Comfort clip backs. Another view here. Sure to become your favorites! Order "LB-614clips," Sorry, SOLD OUT. 
612dangle.jpg (14705 bytes) Dressy ladybug dangle earrings are for pierced ears and have shiny and matte finish floral tops with pastel (clear) aurora borealis centers. Each dangles over 1 1/4 inches long. Post backs for pierced ears. Perfect for when you need some extra sparkle. Order "LB-612dangle," Sorry, SOLD OUT.

061monet.jpg (21387 bytes)

Glitter and sparkle with this lovely and dressy rhinestone ladybug pin signed, " Monet." She measures 7/8 inch long and is totally covered in red, black and clear rhinestones. See another view here. Classy and sparkling and a great gift! Order "LB-061," $28.00 -- SOLD.
472brset.jpg (23810 bytes) Quality set of ladybug bracelet and matching earrings in rich gold wash with sparkling floral rhinestone stations alternating with red and black enamel ladybugs. Measures 7 1/4 inches long. View the bracelet closer here. View the earrings closer here. Earring are for pierced ears and dangle almost 3/4 inch. Excellent set and a great gift! Order "LB-472brset," SOLD OUT. 
566lottalb.jpg (26031 bytes) Twenty colorful ladybugs in two shapes and sizes are accented with green, red, yellow and blue beads and lots of silver tone spheres. Light weight and comfortable, this bracelet is about 8 inches in diameter and could be worn by all but those with the most tiny wrists. If your ankle is 8 inches, it would make a cute anklet, too. Stretches for easy off and on. Order "LB-566lottalb," $18.95. Sorry, SOLD OUT
814neer.jpg (15739 bytes) Fun ladybug set in silver tone is lightweight and very comfortable! Necklace, accented with red and black glass beads and dangling ladybug centerpiece adjusts from 16 1/2 to 19 1/2 inches long. Matching post earrings are for pierced ears. View close up here. Order "LB-814neer," $19.95. SORRY, SOLD OUT.
fwp01.jpg (15270 bytes) FREE WITH PURCHASE of $50.00 or More!

Receive this adorable wall hanging wooden and wire ladybug decorative accent with your purchase of $50.00 or more, while supplies last! Measures about 5 inches long including bale. Another view here. Purchase separately by ordering "LB-wall," Sorry, SOLD OUT.

017blk.jpg (24163 bytes) Elegant black ladybug pin has wings of tiny faux seed pearls and black beads. Head is a larger faux pearl and the eyes are green rhinestones. Measures about 1 1/8 inches and is nicely rounded. Nice for evening wear! Vintage. Order "LB-017blk," SOLD.
762orblk.jpg (11615 bytes) From the Sixties, this ladybug has a black body and orangish red wings. Not the neatest factory enamel job I've ever seen but still cute. View other side here. Measures 1 1/8 inch. Order "LB-762orblk," SOLD.
772chnl.jpg (19411 bytes) Channel set ruby red rhinestones are accented with clear rhinestones making this beauty a very well-dressed ladybug! This elegant lady has green rhinestone eyes and measures one inch long. Perfect for the holidays or those really dressy occasions. Order "LB-772chnl," SOLD.
rsbox896.jpg (23094 bytes) Sparkling red rhinestones and black enamel gold tone ladybug box is perfect for pills or a small treasure. Red rhinestones are coated with lacquer so they cannot fall off nor get caught if you choose to carry this darling cache box in your purse. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to capture how charming this unique ladybug box is in person but please look at both of these additional pictures and ignore the reflection of me and my camera. View two. View it open. The color is a richer, deeper red than shown. Order "LB-rsbox896," $32.00.SOLD
777caches.jpg (20324 bytes) Headquarters for the cutest ladybug pill boxes and cache boxes on the web! The pillbox (#01) is about the size of a walnut and perfect for your purse. The cache box (#893) is about the size of an egg is works great on your desk or bedside table to hold your rings at night, paper clips or other small treasures. Perfect to hold a pair of our ladybug earrings, too! Please read descriptions below.
Large enamel and gold tone ladybug cache box would be perfect to hold your rings or other treasures! Measures 2 1/8 inches long by about 1 3/4 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches deep. View it open here. Would make the perfect gift box for your favorite ladybug collector. Order "LB-LARGE893," $30.00. SORRY, SOLD OUT. 
030yellotwins.jpg (19593 bytes) From the Fifties, this pair of yellow twin ladybugs are exactly alike except that one has green rhinestone eyes and the other, red. Yellow bodies are molded glass complete with bumps for the spots. Nice condition and an unusual set and color, each measures just under one inch long with safety clasp backs. Order "LB-030yellotwins," SOLD.
026gldclip.jpg (18446 bytes) Cute little golden ladybug clip that you can clip to your collar, a lapel or even your hair. Looks better when clipped as you don't see any of the station underneath. Press the circular end to open and clip. Wouldn't it be fun to dangle a charm or memento to the circle? Antique gold tone with "black diamond" aurora rhinestone accents. Classy! Order "LB-026gldclip," SOLD.
028lbcharm.jpg (20546 bytes) Just the cutest ever lady bug charm bracelet, light weight and perfect for summer! Silver tone ladybug charm bracelet features pastel beads and seven little lady bug charms. Ladybug charms are hollow backed, not solid and have nice red and black enamel. Bracelet measures up to 7 3/4 inches long. Contemporary and fun! Order "LB-028lbcharm," SOLD OUT.
760art.jpg (24139 bytes) Vintage shocking pink ART rhinestone pin from the 60's is large and bright! Note the cute "flower power spots" on her wings. Measures 1 5/8 inches long. Amethyst glass cabochon head and eyes. View from the top here. Signed "ART." Order "LB-760ART," SOLD.
756green.jpg (17934 bytes) It's not easy being green but this pretty contemporary ladybug pin has a faux cat's eye or moonstone body and plenty of spring green rhinestone accents covering the wings. Measures one inch long. Order "LB-756green," SOLD.

047sandor.jpg (12104 bytes)

Vintage Sandor pin from the early Sixties features a tulip-like flower with green leaves and a little red ladybug perched on the side! See a third view here. Sandor is a mark not often seen and this whimsical pin would be a great addition to anyone's ladybug collection! Order "LB-047sandor," SOLD.
752purp.jpg (20526 bytes) Cute pair of purple ladybugs each measuring an inch wide. Nice leggy ladybugs have clear rhinestone "spots" on their purple enamel wings. Bodies are pave; clear rhinestones. Push pin backs. Brand new, never worn. Order "LB-752purp," Sorry, SOLD out of purple..
025blue.jpg (20140 bytes) Contemporary ladybug hairclips with blue rhinestones. Each measures 1 5/8 inches long overall with the ladybugs each measuring almost 3/4 inch long. Perfect match for a blue or white summer dress! Order "LB-025blue," SOLD.
078ladychrm.jpg (29261 bytes) Darling enameled ladybug charm bracelet in gold tone with five ladybug charms each measuring about 7/8 inch long. Bracelet measures 7 3/4 inches long. Not certain of the age but I suspect this is a newer piece rather than vintage. Order "LB-078ladychrm," SOLD.
024pearl.jpg (18620 bytes) This is the same ladybug pin as the Weiss below except this one is not signed and the wings are accented with jade colored glass beads along with smoke rhinestones. Hard to photograph so here is another view. Measures 1 1/8 inches long with a big rounded faux pearl body and green rhinestone eyes. Order "LB-024pearl," SOLD.

749blklb.jpg (19935 bytes)

Sophisticated vintage black and white ladybug pin set in antique gold tone with green rhinestone eyes has wings of white and black beads and a large black cabochon body. Nicely sized at 1 3/8 inches long. Order "LB-749blkbl," SOLD.
blklb146.jpg (9610 bytes) Dressy black enameled lady bug pin sparkles with red, blue, green, purple and clear rhinestones. Measures about 1 1/4 inches long and has a high, rounded profile. Very nice! Order "LB-blklb146," SOLD.

401-gratis.jpg (11978 bytes)
Receive a
Pair of Little Ladybug Pierced Earrings with Your Purchase Totaling $17.95 or more

823redclip.jpg (10863 bytes) Cheerful, quality vintage red ladybug hair clip is signed "Lady Ellen," and measures about 2 1/2 inches long. Clear rhinestones on the tip of the antenna spin and tremble with movement! Order "LB-823redclip," SOLD.
grnlady.jpg (2582 bytes) Flashy and petite emerald green and clear stone lady bug scatter pin has emerald green cabochon body (hard to see in photo) and bright, shiny green and clear crystals on the wings. Measures just under one inch in diameter. Too cute! Order "LB-grnlady," SOLD.
387pin.jpg (8890 bytes) Sweet and sassy ladybug pin of red and black enamel has gold tone edges and clear rhinestone eyes. Measures 1 1/8 inch long. Order "LB-387pin," SOLD OUT.
552weiss.jpg (21967 bytes) Gorgeous Weiss ladybug pin has clear rhinestone pave' wings set above a faux mabe' pearl body and green rhinestone eyes. Measures 1 1/8 inches long and is signed. A quality pin! Order "LB-552weiss," SOLD.
822redot.jpg (10662 bytes) Leggy ladybug in bright red with black and white dots. Minor enamel loss at the edges but still a cutie! Body measures 3/4 inches not including legs. Order "LB-822redot," SOLD.
780lbrch.jpg (12513 bytes) Deep red, almost a burgundy, this ladybug pin has a matte enamel finish and is accented with clear rhinestones. Notice how her legs are bent so that she looks like she is crawling. Measures 1 1/4 inches. Order "LB-780lbrch," SOLD.
blhairbg.jpg (3464 bytes) Fabulous vintage lady bug hair pin (clip) by Lady Lee dates from the 1950's. Large aqua stone body, clear rhinestone head and wings. Mint condition! Hair clip measures 2 1/2 inches long. Order "LB-blhairbg," SOLD.
046bracelet.jpg (25309 bytes) Sparkling rhinestones and rich red enamel ladybug bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long. Ladybugs alternate with flowers of rhinestone petals in ruby, emerald, citrine and amethyst. Another view here. Nicely made, brand new contemporary bracelet in mint condition! Order "LB-046bracelet," SOLD.
062strlring.jpg (7313 bytes) Oh so cute, sterling silver adjustable ladybug ring may be worn on your toe or your pinky or a small finger.   As shown, a size 4.5 but adjustable up to a size 6 or down a couple of sizes and also can be locked by slipping the loop over the ladybug. Just too cute for wearing with sandals this summer! Unmarked but guaranteed sterling. Contemporary, brand new! Order "LB-062," (Sorry, SOLD OUT)

060biger.jpg (26981 bytes)

Large ladybug clip earrings are huge! Red and black enamel with gold tone accents and nicely made. Comfort clips are great. See size comparison and backs here. I am told these are vintage Avon but I can find no signature. Each clip measures 1 3/8 inches long. Sure to be noticed! Order "LB-060," SOLD.
774lglb.jpg (23537 bytes) Elegant ladybug pin sparkles with clear rhinestones and rich enamels.  Nicely rounded and measures 1 3/8 inches wide by just under 1 3/4 inches tall. Sure to be noticed and admired. Order "LB-774lglb," SOLD OUT.
kjl447a.jpg (22011 bytes) Adorable ladybug necklace that converts to a pin by KJL comes in the original red box with the original red felt cover. View the back of the pendant/pin here. Versatile, well made piece in rich red and black enamel, accented with clear rhinestones. Ladybug measures 1 1/8 inches long. Order "LB-kjl447," SOLD.
800yelo.jpg (9805 bytes) Yellow ladybug pin with realistic soft orange accents and black dots has red rhinestone eyes. Measures just over 3/4 inch long. Order "LB-800yelo," SOLD.
770pin.jpg (18968 bytes) Leggy ladybug pin has a clear rhinestone body with wings of rich red enamel and spots of black enamel. Measures 1 5/8 inches long from leg to antenna. Very nice contemporary pin! Order "LB-770pin," SOLD.
825ladybr.jpg (12789 bytes) Cheerful enamel ladybug bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches long. Colorful ladybugs all have contrasting colored spots on their wings. Order "LB-825ladybr," SOLD.

747leaf.jpg (21433 bytes)

Translucent vintage Lucite leaf pin with a darling little red and black ladybug and a sparkling clear rhinestone dew drop measures about 2 1/4 inches long. Order "LB-747leaf," SOLD.
twnladez.jpg (4866 bytes) Don't miss this darling pair of older enameled lady bug scatter pins with rhinestones! One is enameled gold with citrine rhinestones and green eyes and the other is enameled green with green rhinestones and red eyes. Good weight and well made. Each measures about one inch. Order "LB-twnladez," SOLD.
trif144.jpg (15763 bytes) Large Trifari ladybug of rich red and black enamel on gold tone measures 2 inches long. Signed "Trifari, TM." Order "LB-trif144," SOLD.
530coro.jpg (18903 bytes) From the early 1950's this cute pair of Coro ladybug scatter pins are still on the original card. Card has some discoloration and creases but still a nice keep sake from the period. Closer view of individual ladybug. Each pin measures about 7/8 inch long. Red, white and black enamel with green rhinestone eyes. Another close view. Order "LB-530coro,"  SOLD.
550carolee.jpg (28080 bytes)
550caroleeopen.jpg (23031 bytes)
Very nice estate piece by Carolee, this ladybug watch necklace was probably made within the last 10 to 20 years. Suspended from an attractive golden chain that measures 31 inches long is a darling enamel ladybug that opens to hold a quartz watch. The watch is signed, "Carolee, Hong Kong Movement." Watch needs a new battery but should work fine after replacement. Looks like this watch was never worn as it still retains the original tag. Enamel ladybug measures about 1 1/4 inch not counting the bale. Back of ladybug is enameled black. Mint condition. Apologies for the camera and light reflections. Please note that we do not warranty watches. All watches are sold "As Is." Order "LB-550," SOLD.
085bumps.jpg (15640 bytes) From the Sixties, this cute vintage ladybug pin has raised black cabochon "spots." Made in Florentine gold tone finish with red rhinestone eyes, it measures 1 1/4 inches long and is nicely rounded. Another view here. Order "LB-085bumps," SOLD.
395robert.jpg (18798 bytes) Ladybugs on a lily pad as portrayed by designer Robert' in the 1960's. Charming enameling and great colors on this vintage pin which measures about 1 1/2 inches wide. View the back and signature. Order "LB-395robert," $44.00 SOLD.
weisfl479.jpg (14585 bytes) Weiss pin from the late 1960's is a pretty pink flower on a long stem features a red and black enamel ladybug on a petal. Measures 3 1/4 inches long and just adorable! Vintage, signed, "Weiss ." Order "LB-weisfl479," SOLD.
201turq.jpg (20840 bytes) Dressy ladybug pin from the 1960's has faux seed pearls and turquoise glass beads on the wings and a large turquoise glass oval cabochon for the body. We've often had this pin signed Weiss but this one bears no signature plate even though it is a quality piece. Perfect condition, it measures 1 3/8 inches long.  Order "LB-201turq" SOLD.
411scarabs.jpg (33788 bytes) From the 60's, this lacy ladybug has three hand carved stone scarabs. Real or glass(?) Carnelian, Jadeite and Rose Quartz stones are hand cut. View the back. Nice large pin from the mid-sixties when we all wore scarabs, measures 1 3/4 inches long. Rich gold wash. Very nice! Order "LB7-411scarabs," SOLD.

057leaf.jpg (14641 bytes)

Pale blue translucent vintage Lucite leaf pin with a darling little red and black ladybug and a sparkling clear rhinestone dew drop measures about 2 1/4 inches long. Vintage. Order "LB-057leaf," SOLD

055kjl.jpg (24423 bytes)

Beautifully made, quality Kenneth J  Lane ladybug bracelet is 7 1/4 inches long.  Ladybugs have red enamel wings, bumpy golden bodies and black glass bead eyes. Another view here. Signed "Kenneth Lane." So much nicer in person and hard to photograph. Order "LB-055kjl," SOLD.
rladyset.jpg (5363 bytes) Modern lady bug set of pin and pierced earrings is finished in red and black enamel on gold tone. Pin measures about 1 1/4 in diameter and the post earrings are a dainty 1/2 inch wide. Earrings have clear plastic supports on the post and I doubt this set was ever worn. Order "LB-rladyset," SOLD.

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